Best of 2015

Problems look mighty small from 150 miles up

Written by Breakfast in Moscow on December 31, 2015

Wait, is 2015 almost over? It’s been a strange year for us over here in MN. Lots of getting used to our new lives, making small decisions, settling into new routines. Lots of closed doors, lots of questions, lots of moving slower than I know how to gracefully do. It’s not quite as disorienting as it was 12 months ago, but we are still feeling our way into our lives here, and we still have some big decisions ahead of us in the near future

But there’s been so much good! Great books, conversations, deep-down growth, travel, dinners, quiet mornings at home with Anna. Here is a small collection of some of the best things from 2015:

What about you? Any book or movie recommendations? Any quotes you’d like to share with us or advice?