Happy Friday!

Children at a Parisian puppet theatre in 1963. (the moment that St. George slays the dragon.)

How has your week been, friends? Mine has been full of unexpected time off, and perfect weather, and now I’m heading into a weekend at the office.

A few links for your summer weekend browsing:



  1. Phyllis

    Hmm. I’m not sure about the hot water reason. I guess I believe it. I’ve never lived anywhere where it’s that cut and dried, though. Only one week out of 52?!? And it does seem like they really do maintenance during the off times. Here they turned the hot water off permanently years ago. So, now the cold is more like Russia’s hot. It comes and goes as it wishes. They also turn it off every night, for “economy.” But I’ve always wondered, how does that save much?

    • breakfastinmoscow

      I was hoping you’d say something about that link! But wait, why is the hot water turned off permanently where you live? And it does seem a bit weird that turning it off would save energy…

      • Phyllis

        I assume turning the hot water off really is an economic move. A lot of Ukrainian cities have done it. (I remember trying to convince a certain American engineer that you and I both know that it really was hot water in those insulated pipes everywhere. He insisted that no one would do something so inefficient as pipe hot water from a central location out into the city. :) )

          • Phyllis

            I was thinking that you might have been there, but I couldn’t remember. It was an often and ongoing subject of conversation that summer. We finally convinced him, when we found a place that the insulation was peeling back, so that he could see and feel for himself.

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