Happy Friday!

Yolanda Sanchez – ‘Looking East’ – Kathryn Markel Fine Arts

Hello friends,

How has your week been? Did you vote? Did you enjoy the emotional facebook posts on election night? :) We’re doing well here – it’s the grayest month of the year in Moscow, so we’re doing our best to stay awake. All we want to do is take naps!

  • Moscow through the eyes of photographer Alexei Myakishev
  • Good manners and professional etiquette (they’re still important!)
  • People who exercise have larger brains later in life.
  • Happiness at home tips from kindergarten
  •  Essential tips for home cooks.
  • Introverts
  • I thought this article about the elections and the Republican party was interesting. Especially this quote: “As a party, Republicans continue to depend heavily on older working-class white voters in rural and suburban America — a shrinking percentage of the overall electorate — while Democrats rack up huge majorities among urban voters including blacks, Hispanics and other minorities. Not to mention younger Americans who are inclined to get their political news from Comedy Central and will not necessarily become more conservative as they age. The disparity means that Democrats can get well under 50 percent of the white vote and still win the presidency, a split that is only going to widen in the future.” – Carl Hulse
  • 10 1-dish meals
  • Currently reading this book. Pretty good so far.

P.S. don’t you love the bright colors in the Yolanda Sanchez painting? Perfect for this gloomy, gray time of the year. Painting found here.



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